The Warlpiri Theme Cycle

Warlpiri schools follow a 3-year theme cycle. Select the theme below to access resources.

Theme Cycle 1

The making of the Knowledge Cycle

The Warlpiri Theme Cycle is a local language and culture curriculum that was developed by Warlpiri elders and educators from Yuendumu, Lajamanu, Willowra and Nyirrpi in the 1980s. It is also known as the Warlpiri Knowledge Cycle. At the time, elders were concerned about Warlpiri knowledge being passed on to younger generations. Their aspiration was for children to learn strong Warlpiri language and culture. Elders did not want children to lose their language and their cultural knowledge. All the ideas that Elders gave in the early days about what kids should learn fell roughly into themes, and so that is why their ideas were organised into 12 different themes. It was decided that each term, a different theme would the learning focus. As there are 12 themes, to cover all 12 themes it takes a 3 year cycle.