Learn the Warlpiri Language

These lessons were recorded on cassette tapes in 1973. These are all we have copied to the computer. The quality is poor, but the pronunciation can still be heard and copied. We have plans to re-record these lessons.

Lesson 1:  Vocab, this/that/there, basic verbs, is this?
Lesson 2:  Vocab & verbs, 'what's happening/doing, plurals.
Lesson 3:  Vocab, I/you/he/she/it
Lesson 4:  Vocab, towards/away/past, suffix- on/at/by/in, future and past tense '-mi' verbs

Lesson 5:  Vocab; suffix - towards/away; suffix- for; and 'command' ending '-ya'
Lesson 6:  Vocab & verbs; past tense '-rni' verbs; suffix - ergative 'doing something to something'; not; back.
Lesson 7:  Vocab & verbs; asking name/skin name; belonging to; introduction to skin names
Lesson 8:  Vocab & verbs; mine/your, family words and belonging terms; personal pronouns.

Lesson 9:  Vocab & verbs; past tense of '-nyi' verbs; suffixes -object endings for them/you/me; suffix - 'to him/her'
Lesson 10: Vocab and verbs; personal pronouns - all 10!; subject suffixes; suffix - 'because of/lest'
Lesson 11:  Vocab & verbs; later; suffixes - direct/indirect object
Lesson 12:  Vocab & verbs; transitive/intransitive verbs
Lesson 13:  Vocab & verbs; what for; what from; how many; when; today/yesterday/tomorrow; numbers; 'if'; in order to; while; then; when.

Useful Conversation Phrases

These are some random useful phrases to get you started in different situations but, as in English, there are many different ways to say things.

Useful Resources

These are some random useful resources to have you learn new things.