Warlpiri Songbooks

Warlpiri songbooks. Audio for songs are below!

Yunparni-rlipaNyurruwiyi-kirli yunparninjaku YurntumuNgapa-kurlu yunparninjaku YurntumuMiyi-kirli yunparninjakuKuyu-kurlu yunparninjakuChristmas songsWatiya manu Jurnarrpa YunparninjakuWatiya manu Jurnarrpa YunparninjakuWarlpiri lata-ku yunparninjakuWarlalja-kurlu YunparninjakuPuku-jangka yunparninjakuPalka-kurlu YunparninjakuKurdu-kurduku yunparninjaku


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Not to Lose My Language.

From the Film Australia Collection. Made by Film Australia 1975. Directed by Greg Reading. This film looks at a bilingual education program in the Northern Territory set up by the Australian Department of Education, in which Aboriginal students are taught first to read and write in a language they understand. The aim of the program is to help these children see their language and culture as something worthwhile and so nurture their self-confidence and self-respect. However, both English and Aboriginal languages are used in the classroom, and as there are many different Aboriginal languages, subjects are taught in a language appropriate to the subject matter. It is to be noted that the director wrote at the time: "Despite the bilingual program, school is essentially a European institution, and the content of the film reflects this." Not to Lose You, My Language was filmed at Milingimbi off the coast of East Arnhem Land, Yayayi in the Western Desert and Yuendumu in Central Australia. The story of the Sun and the Moon that is printed in the extract is told by Djawa, an elder from Milingimbi.